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Building Projects

Buildings and structures
Building contracting includes all aspects of constructing a building, from digging, piling to fixing, carpentry, landscaping and swimming pool or part of the activities related to building repair and renovation.

Road and transportation

Road and transportation
Road geometric analysis and design, traffic engineering and road maintenance management, bridge management and maintenance, tunnel management and maintenance, numerous road construction projects

Wooden Structures

Facilities and equipment
Wood is one of the oldest materials available to mankind and is used as a raw material in construction. Mankind has used wood to build various structures since long ago. Lightening, high resistance to earthquakes, higher speed of construction, significant reduction in energy consumption, beauty, etc. are among the advantages that have increased the attractiveness and credibility of wooden structures.

About Tarakom Khak company

Engineering your dreams

Soil Compaction Company is an official road and construction contracting company that performs a set of contractual and executive services in line with services related to this field. The construction activities of the soil compaction contracting company are in the field of residential and commercial building construction. Also, this company provides services in the field of road construction. Special Joint Stock Soil Compaction Company is an official construction and road construction contracting company. This company was established in 1377 with registration number 141053 and national ID number 10101840788. Taking into account the principle of customer orientation and value engineering, employing expert and diligent personnel, and continuously paying attention to the principle of training efficient human resources, the Company has put progress and service in the first order of its goals.

  • Excellent engineering
  • Modern and up to date
  • First class materials
  • Long life structures

Things we can do for you

Tarakom Khak company services


Design, construction and execution of residential, office, commercial, educational buildings, etc.

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Woode framing and interior decoration

Design, calculation, implementation, supervision and consulting of wooden framing costruction and interior decoration and design

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Green space and urban beautification

Providing all municipal services

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Construction and urban facilities

Design, construction and implementation of all construction and urban utility systems

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Construction stages in Tarakom Khak company

Work steps in construction

Every successful activity and project has basic work steps. We have briefly explained these work steps from beginning to end.


Survey and research about the building land


Obtaining plans, construction permits

and necessary permits


Construction of concrete, metal, prefabricated, etc.

(Executive construction operations)

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Our latest projects

District 22 public library

Golshahr Park sports hall

Wooden interior design of building on 18 Geisha St

Fakhar Moghadam residential complex

Pavement construction

Azadshahr crisis headquarters sheds

Crisis headquarters shed, region 2

Wooden decoration of the West settlement building